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Building Alexa skills is not an easy task to take on even as a developer. You can use alexa skills kit , which is a library that could help you or even make it harder to fully understand. I built many alexa custom skills for companies and brands. As an alexa skill developer I found myself consulting , creating and maintaining many servers and skills for multiple clients. Also started building skills for alexa enabled devices with displays like alexa show skills. This became a hard task to maintain as clients constantly had to new commands and replies they would like to add to meet business needs. I was thinking of creating my own admin panel where clients could update thier own commands and replies. This is when I started to create what is 99centskills. No need to learn how to program alexa skills or fumble with servers. All they needed to do now is create the name of the skill and start creating commands and replies. No need to host a server which is also an added cost. They just pay $14.99 a month and receive unlimited commands , replies and great customer service. Now they can tell other business owners they know without thinking if they are technical enough to deal with a developer. You can create a name for your skill and do many things like alexa skills for kids , funny alexa skills , alexa skills for elderly, custom alexa skills , alexa game skills maybe you will end up best alexa skills 2019.


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